STERA 3000 

is a dynamic company in the field of international transport and forwarding 


STERA 3000 is a dynamic, continuously growing company. We rely on a rich and long experience in the field of transport and forwarding. We specialize in national and international transport our fleet. Our goal is not to offer comprehensive services in the field of transport. Always prefer an individual approach to customers with a strong emphasis on the level of communication and information. Your Bulk kit will be under constant scrutiny and control center under the supervision of a modern monitoring system. 

Our team is ready to see the quality of our services. 

We offer comprehensive services in: 

                international Shipping 

                domestic traffic 



                logistic Services 

                Volume transport


STERA 3000 s. r. o.

Průmyslová 344
53301 Pardubice
Czech Republic

IČO: 25920961
DIČ: CZ25920961

tel: +420 466 670 065
fax: +420 466 670 064

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